A downloadable game for Windows

You're freaking out but your mom is calm as always. Show her your appreciation by sharing great horse statue pics! 

  • Tap certain pictures on their phone and share them with their mom. 
  • Kids are causing chaos and tapping all over the phone. 
  • Swat away the kids and send your mom those photos!

Gamepad Controls: Sticks move your hand and phone. A taps on phone. RB shoos the kid hands away and gives your hand a speed boost.

Keyboard controls: Bugged! I forgot to bind tap phone to a key, so you'll need to move the phone to get the kids to tap where you want (may be impossible). wasd moves hand and arrow keys moves phone. Space shoos the kid hands away and gives your hand a speed boost. 

Jam release only supports Windows, but if you have love2d 11.3 installed, you can run the phoneswithkids.love in the download on other platforms.

Bugs in Jam Release

  • I think the win condition is broken.
  • You can't restart after losing -- it often makes you fail immediately.
  • Keyboard doesn't have "tap phone" mapped, so it's nearly impossible to play without a gamepad.
  • It's easy to accidentally toggle the top picture when clicking Share.
  • it looks really pixelated because I messed something up.


I wasn't planning on entering the GMTK game jam because I'd been stressed out at work and really tired. On Saturday night, my wife had experienced loss of control of her phone due to children and I joked about how it's a like a game. When the kids were in bed, I kept thinking about that simple game idea and I decided to give it a try! When I saw that it fit the theme, I signed up to include it in the jam. I was caught by surprise by the 8 pm UK time deadline, but managed to get something playable anyway.

Thanks to my lovely wife who helped keep my kids from trying to "help" me type as I game jammed. She supports me when I'm motivated and encourages me when I'm down. I dedicate this project to her.


phoneswithkids.zip 10 MB

Install instructions

Unzip into a folder and run runme.bat

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